Machine loves Fluid


 World's first pouring machine works

The "Machine pouring” series is based on CNC open source using Arduino, and is produced with actual acrylic medium using 3D printed original split cups and drain cups. This is the world's first and only G-code program and fluid mechanics created by sokima and an art that fuses fluid mechanics.

Covid-19 changed my life a lot. Realizing the shortness of life, I moved to Okinawa with my wife and 3 wonderfull kids . The water, air, heat, food, and the environment around me here have led me to a path to art that I never thought of. I am trying new expressions using acrylic paint, 3D CAD, 3D printing, and programming.
SoKiMa : Shunji Ueda 
I am professional photo&Videographer. Here is my photo&movie work website